Frontend Web Development for Beginners

In this course, you will go from never having written a line of code to mastering the basics of front-end web development including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Welcome to the frontend web development for beginners course, formerly known as the "full stack roadmap series" on YouTube.

Below I have outlined what you can expect from this course and the backstory behind it.

Course Resources

All of the course lessons can be found here on my site. In addition, I recommend checking out the Github repo with all the code I share throughout:

(see the backstory below for why this is called "fullstack roadmap series")


If you've followed my YouTube channel for a while, you may know this course as "Full Stack Roadmap".

Back in early 2021 when I started working on this course, my vision was to create a completely free, comprehensive "full stack roadmap".

After nearly 12 months of posting videos every single week for the course, I started to realize that creating a true "full stack" roadmap at the level of detail I was teaching at would not take months, but years.

Long story short, I made it through the "frontend" portion of the course and then...

My day job got very busy.

Since I was creating this course 100% free, I couldn't justify prioritizing it over my full-time job that was paying the bills.

Full-stack to front-end to full-stack

Since I was at a good stopping point, I decided to rename this course to "Frontend Web Development for Beginners".

Furthermore, to continue the mission of creating a "full stack" resource, I created this site, Full Stack Foundations.

My vision is to eventually publish enough content to this site to provide that "comprehensive" roadmap I had once envisioned.

Free Code Camp what?

Part of the reason why I stopped this series after the frontend portion was because of my time constraints. The other reason was because it wasn't getting any views on YouTube. I was putting hundreds of hours into this thing, and only a few thousand people saw it.


I offered to re-post the entire 21-hour course on the Free Code Camp channel.

It blew up. Over 2 MILLION views.

Article image

So... that's another reason why this is now the "frontend bootcamp".

And with that, I hope you enjoy this course! There's a TON to get through, but by the end, you will have a solid frontend foundation of skills.

Good luck!

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