What is Full Stack Foundations?

Full Stack Foundations is a community of web developers and builders dedicated to their craft. Whether you're trying to level up in your job or an entrepreneur trying to build your next startup, we're here for it.

Tech can be a scary place sometimes.

There are a lot of developers out there, and many of them have strong opinions about what coding language and tech stack to use, how to advance in your career, and how to build software in general.

At Full Stack Foundations, finding the "best" tech stack is NOT the end goal. The goal is to focus on what matters:

  • Making hard concepts finally "click"
  • Learning WHY certain technologies and tech stacks are useful (or going out of style)
  • Supporting other devs and entrepreneurs trying to build their careers or startup

In the end, this site is about education. It's a resource and a community to help you build your career with code.

Who runs this site?

Hey there, my name is Zach:

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Way back in 2016, I was a college student trapped in a Corporate Finance major that I wasn't all that excited about. So in the winter of my senior year, I committed myself—I was going to learn to code so I could build whatever I could think of.

At the time, I was running a golf website (I played college golf) and always found myself tinkering with the code despite having no clue what I was doing. I got tired of that, so I decided I'd add one more "class" to my final semester of college—CS50. Long story short, I ended up going to a coding boot camp, working at several startups, and eventually, starting a YouTube channel. After several years of working my butt off, I was able to leave my "stable" career path in finance to pursue the world of software. It has been exciting, scary, challenging, and a bunch of other things, but I'm incredibly grateful for it all! My mission here at Full Stack Foundations is to share some of the things I've learned along the way and build a supportive community that spreads the good word of "software".

So... That's how we got here.

After spending several years publishing lessons and tutorials to my web dev YouTube channel, I realized that I needed a "home base" to organize all of my content.

And thus, Full Stack Foundations was born!

Fast forward to now, and I'm building this site (part-time) in public. You can keep up with me on X or my personal site.